Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

there were a couple of times in my life that i was EXTREMELY suicidal…

during those times i remember the people i’ve loved the most in my life (all 3 of them, 2 of which i was in love with) saying “you need help,” but never really knowing how to help me, yet wanting me to stay alive “for them” if not for myself. what average human really knows how to be helpful to someone who is so down on themselves? what average human really WANTS to know? … More Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Love Yourself

i can’t remember the last time i told myself that i love myself…  i’m not even sure that sentence makes sense, but yea, i’ve never really took the time to love myself. my entire life i’ve been trying to make other people happy and prove to the world that i’m SO good. i would struggle … More Love Yourself

Underlying Love

“there’s an underlying love there…”

wait, what? why is it underlying? how can love, something that should is and should always be grand with all intents and purposes, be underlying? and why would anyone hinder love by shoving it underneath the surface? … More Underlying Love

Look Out For Others

there’s something to be said about the person who lives to make other people better…

to clarify, there is a difference between living for other people, and living to make other people better. the former implies, quite frankly, being a doormat and allowing people to walk all over you. the latter implies adding value to someone’s life. bettering yourself AND others. … More Look Out For Others

Don’t Bail

walking away when things get hard….

that is a reflection of the person who did that, not of you, the person who feels abandoned. with that said i know it seems like i’m talking down about the person who may have done that and.. essentially.. i am. it takes a certain strength to stick things out and really fight for someone in all types of relationships. … More Don’t Bail

Valentine’s Day

do we really need a reminder or a special day to show someone our love? sometimes… and that’s ok. i think i’ve said it more than enough times, but we’re only human. there are times were we are going to, unintentionally, take the ones we love for granted thinking they will always be there. but … More Valentine’s Day