That One Person #suicideprevention #buildeachotherup

i think the majority of the world has that one person who can break them down just as quickly as they can build them up. that one person who can make it all wrong and then make it all right at the same time. i know i do.

maybe its more than one person. maybe its your parents, a sibling, your best friend, your mate… regardless of who it is, it shows that you value their opinion and put weight on what they say. maybe a little too much. the fact of the matter is that no one should be able to break you down. ever. … More That One Person #suicideprevention #buildeachotherup


Work & Effort #suicideprevention

anything that is worth having requires work & effort to get it and then keep it once you have it.

it applies to almost everything; a good career, relationships, a nice physique, good health… more relevant mental health and stability. all worth having. very much so. but a lot of times humans have a period, sometimes a lifetime, of going through the motions. it is in that period where we kind of accept what is thrown at us, good or bad… the going wherever the wind takes us… the (ALMOST) standing for nothing which require doing the very minimum to even attempt to keep anything or anyone that we have in our lives. … More Work & Effort #suicideprevention

Lies Vs. Truths

i’m striving to be someone who tells the truth 100% of the time, even if it hurts me. some people might respect me for that, some people might run away from it as fast as they can… i think i’m prepared for both. anyway i said that to say that i think people should strive for the same thing, especially those with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. … More Lies Vs. Truths


more often than not, forgiveness is something that is either mishandled or not expressed at all, which in turn causes people to have the hardest time forgiving themselves.

think about it; it seems to be human nature to allow people to have way too much influence on the way we think, feel, and act. all it takes is the wrong words, maybe a harsh look… and our minds go into over drive wondering what negative thought someone has about us and why they think that way. … More Forgiveness

The Not-So-Little Things

i think it’s way too easy for people to overlook the little things…

calling to check in, a “good morning” text, getting a letter in the mail, smiling at someone you don’t know, having someone remind you how loved you are… i could go on forever.

maybe these things aren’t that little in the grand scheme of things. maybe just one out of all of these things could save someone’s life. maybe doing these things for someone else gave them some kind of strength that they didn’t know they had. i mean think about it. there’s no limit to how far an act of kindness can go. … More The Not-So-Little Things