What Not To Say #suicideprevention #depression

some people just aren’t very good with words… some don’t really care to clarify or explain things better… some would rather bask in ignorance. either way, i think people are better at saying the wrong things than saying the right things.. myself sometimes being one of those people. for example, and i’m going to try … More What Not To Say #suicideprevention #depression

Have A Nice Life #suicideprevention #wordscanhurt

more often than not, when someone says “have a nice life” it means something like “good riddance, [expletive]. (i censored myself because you could really add anything to that part)” anyway the first, and MOST DEFINITELY the last, person who said that to me used that after telling me how horrible of a person i … More Have A Nice Life #suicideprevention #wordscanhurt