Retreat & Relapse #suicideprevention #anxiety #gethelp

i’ve developed this TERRIBLE habit of completely holding all of my emotions in due to the fear and stigma that comes with being open. 100% hypocritical on my part because i’ve pushed for openness throughout this whole blog.. well… its the purpose of it. to encourage other to be open and free, yet i can’t … More Retreat & Relapse #suicideprevention #anxiety #gethelp

Out Of Body Experience? #stopselfharm #suicideprevention

DISCLAIMER: seriously, DO NOT READ if seeing/reading about self-harm causes you to do so. others doing it does not make it ok. it shows you’re not alone, but it is NEVER ok to harm yourself. for any reason. last week i had what people like to call an out of body experience. not really, but … More Out Of Body Experience? #stopselfharm #suicideprevention

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This #suicideprevention #depression

this one is personal. well, they all are really but this one is going to be specific…. most of the time i’m able to push through whatever negative feelings i may be having at the moment. for the past few days however its been somewhat of a different story. i’m kind of at the point … More Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This #suicideprevention #depression