15 Good Things #NSPW12 #anxiety #depression #suicideprevention

these last few weeks or so have been somewhat of a struggle (severely understated), as it has been a little bit harder than usual to fight my depression and anxiety. harder, but not impossible. this week i was told to write 15 good things about myself so that i can go back to that whenever … More 15 Good Things #NSPW12 #anxiety #depression #suicideprevention

You Can Help Prevent Suicide! #NSPW12 #suicideprevention

With suicide prevention week coming to a close, here are some things you and I can take notice of and do to help prevent suicide! While some suicides occur without any outward warning, most people who are suicidal do give some warning.    “We can all help prevent the suicide of loved ones by learning … More You Can Help Prevent Suicide! #NSPW12 #suicideprevention

Petition to Implement & Enforce Mental Health Parity Act #NSPW12 #suicideprevention

Please take a stand for suicide prevention by signing this petition calling for President Barack Obama, Governor Mitt Romney, and Governor Gary Johnson to implement and enforce the Mental Health Parity Act! Read more about it & sign here: <div id=”change_BottomBar”><span id=”change_Powered”><a href=”http://www.change.org/&#8221; target=”_blank”>Change.org</a></span><a>|</a><span id=”change_Start”>Free <a href=’http://www.change.org/petition’>Online Petitions</a></span></div> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://e.change.org:80/flash_petitions_widget.js?width=300&petition_id=635661&color=0b5ae0″></script&gt; Or click/copy the link … More Petition to Implement & Enforce Mental Health Parity Act #NSPW12 #suicideprevention