Train of Thought #suicideprevention #teensuicide

Please take a moment to read about the Train of Thought movie, directly from the creators themselves:

The film follows a young teen girl who is on the verge of committing suicide. Within the film we explore the motives for her decision and the catalysts that sparks this decision. The main focus of this film, however, is the thought process in which she experiences prior to the climatic moment. This thought process is visually paralleled to the process of a train reaching the final terminal. The movie is resolved when the protagonist realizes that there is much more to life and decides not to jump.

This film revolves around the importance of family and life, but most importantly gives an insight of what goes on through the mind of someone that is suffering. We wanted to make a film that allowed viewers to relate and resolve their problems in a similar way the protagonist of the film did.

The motive for this film arose from a personal experience that the director experienced. From that experience she wanted to help stop youths from committing suicide or even turning to it as a solution.

Our film is currently in pre-production and will start filming in January. We would really like to help aid the prevention of suicide in youths.

The following is a video our team produced to inform you about the film. It was used for a donation campaign to help raise funds for the project.

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Peace and blessings, survivors!


Acceptance #mentalhealth #staystrong

i’ve had a lot of time to actually think about things with a clear mind; which is weird because i can’t remember the last time my mind wasn’t cluttered with anything.

sure i still have a tendency to over-think things (who doesn’t nowadays) but as time progresses i have more and more power to not let those thoughts get out of control or lead to self-destructive actions. i want more now than ever to not go back to the person i used to be… to live with freedom and purpose; so because of that i will fight harder than i ever have for myself. no one else will.. it’s all up to me and i am strong enough to do so.

this power comes with the acceptance of love, patience, kindness, and grace… the acceptance of the things in the past… the acceptance of my reactions to those things… the acceptance of what happens in the present.. the acceptance that i don’t know what the future holds. living as if today is my last day on earth without thinking about the what-ifs or remembering what has happened before because acceptance means not living in fear.

often times we tend to settle for the love we think we deserve… and living with a mental illness that can mean that we settle for less with all intents and purposes since we… well i won’t speak for everyone, but i know i (though i know i’m not alone in this) can get caught up in an episode and reach for ANYTHING that will sooth my anxiety or numb my depression. regardless of whether that thing (or sometimes person) is actually good for me or not in the long run.

the difference, however, between settling and accepting is that with the former we take what we THINK we deserve sometimes by any means necessary and with the latter we aren’t surprised when we are openly given the love we KNOW we deserve. its being brave, with the unwavering belief that we are beautiful as we are and we have more to offer because of that and all that we have been through… not in spite of it.

peace and blessings, survivors. 🙂

Freedom #suicideprevention #mentalhealth

i JUST realized how much your surroundings can shape you…

well, let me give myself a bit more credit… I knew this was the case, as i have seen proof of it in the lives of others. but of course nothing truly become real until you experience it for yourself.

i have spent the last 5 days or so away from my typical surroundings. as i have said before, sometimes you do need time away from the mundane things and everyday triggers that contribute to any negative feelings. and while you’re away from the very thing that you are used to, its helpful to be open to receiving any other help or getting to know people who can help you be free to be who you want to be… scratch that… who you were destined to be.

the more i am away from what i’m used to, the freer i feel. i’m used to sitting and sometimes stewing in unresolved conflict and not being able to do anything about it (or being around people who have no desire to resolve it)… i’m used to being held back by others’ perception of me… i’m used to feeling like an outsider in a place where i should be  at home… and what’s interesting about this is i have chosen, until very recently, to accept this as how life should be until by some miracle it gets better.

don’t get me wrong, it does get better… my testimony serves as living proof. but what i failed to remember is that after it gets better, it becomes the best if you allow it to. if you believe that where you are is not where you will end up…. if you come to the realization that as long as you are still breathing you have unfinished business… that with time, patience, perseverance, faith, self-control, and most of all love you will grow to a place you never imagined.

i never thought i would be pursuing my dreams and writing a suicide prevention blog… i didn’t think my life mattered.. heck i didn’t think i’d be alive to do much of anything. but i have been given a chance to learn how to love myself and the people around me; a chance to accept real love as it is shared with me.

if i of all people, can be given such grace with all of the mistakes i have made in life then i wholeheartedly believe that the possibilities are limitless for you, survivors.