“We Don’t Do That!” #africanamerican #suicideprevention #stigma

DISCLAIMER: If you’ve never read any of my blogs before, I have to tell you that I like to be 100% honest in expressing my feelings about mental health, suicide prevention, and people’s thoughts and actions… especially my own. It’s necessary for me to be as transparent as possible. Doing this in my social life … More “We Don’t Do That!” #africanamerican #suicideprevention #stigma

The Seed of Self-Destruction #mentalhealth #suicideprevention

I’ve noticed that people tend to treat others the way they were treated, whether they are aware of it or not… People lash out because they have been or have been perceived to be attacked; people verbally abuse others because they received verbal abuse; people shut down because they have been shut out. And while … More The Seed of Self-Destruction #mentalhealth #suicideprevention