You’re Not Finished was created to provide personal stories of hope, survival, and overcoming the obstacles so that you can know that you are not alone, that you are not your problems, and that you are not finished in this life. The stories you read are true testimonies of how people overcame suicidal thoughts and actions. They are living proof that it gets better.

Suicide is not the solution. It never is. The survivors you meet on this site learned that they were meant to live and to do so with purpose. They aren’t going anywhere because they are not finished, and neither are you. While getting professional help for your thoughts is recommended, it also helps to get encouragement and reassurance from someone who can understand. I don’t just want to tell you it gets better, I want to show you.

Everyone is able to contribute to this community blog/website! I want to know what keeps you alive; whether it is therapy, living for someone you love, your faith, your family, your friends… Whatever keeps you going! Use your voice to help others stay alive and realize that they are here to love and be loved. As the creator of this site, I am here to make sure that you who are struggling with suicidal thoughts ALWAYS have someone to turn to, and that you know that when it seems like there is no one who will support you and be there, this community will uplift you and bring you hope.

You’re Not Finished is not about the implication of the faint thought that MAYBE there is potentially something better for those who struggle with mental illness, mood disorders, and suicidal thoughts. The purpose of this site is to display the truth that there is IN FACT more to what we can see in front of us because, created on purpose and with purpose, we are meant to live for more.

This was made for you.

Check out my story below, and stay strong survivors.

3 thoughts on “ABOUT YNF

    1. This comment was right on time. Kimberly…. Thank you so much for reminding me of why I started this thing!! It’s time to make some serious moves and update a few things. Thanks so much!! Much love 🙂

  1. Amazed amazed amazed that one so young can be so on point, so clear, so driven. I am revived by your drive, watching from a distance.

    One of my take-aways from recovery came after a work-place shooting in 2012. Three men died. It became very clear to me that words can kill as much as guns do, and that the perpetrator might’ve been won over by a workplace culture of constructive, forgiving dialog; and three men would be alive today. Personal application then? I can be a murderer of souls by choosing to speak carelessly. The heartless enemy of our souls uses any means to kill, steal and destroy, and if he can’t bring me to self-harm, he’ll harm others by my proud, self-righteous comments, or my lack of loving, forgiving forbearance.

    So I dropped out of CR because I can’t count how many people I’ve offended. Ouch.

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