You’re Not Finished was created in 2012 to provide personal stories of hope, survival, and overcoming obstacles so that you can know that you are not alone.. that you are not your problems… that you are not finished in this life. The stories you read on this site are true testimonies of people living with or overcoming mental health disorders and suicidal ideation. They are living proof that it does it better.

On March 30, 2021, the 1st episode of the YNF podcast was published! New episodes will be released monthly. Listen to the latest episode & learn more here!

As the creator of this site & host of this podcast, I am here to make sure that you who are struggling in your mental health or with suicidal thoughts ALWAYS have someone to turn to, and that you know when it seems like there is no one who will support you and be there, this community will uplift you and bring you hope.

Most of what I share is going to be about mental health including tips for better health, helpful coping mechanisms, what I’ve learned about it from school and other external resources, and what I’ve learned through therapy about my own struggle with major depression and anxiety disorder. I’m gonna get all the way real about this stuff because not only is it important to be able to share for my own personal freedom but as I said before, it’s about helping others to have that freedom as well. Especially since, many reasons, there still seems to be stigma surrounding mental health that prevents people from getting well.

My name is Brittany Franklin and I’m the creator of You’re Not Finished, which is (for now) an online resource for mental health and suicide prevention, blogs, and testimonies from people who have been living with mental and mood disorders (specifically depression and anxiety) and have survived suicide attempts. If you would like to share your story openly or anonymously, contact me @ yourenotfinished@gmai.com or use the “Contact YNF” link in the menu to get connected.

The reason the content I have created and will create has the name You’re Not Finished is to hopefully encourage people who feel like they might be at the end of their rope or are feeling hopeless, without purpose, and considering harming themselves even up to the point of attempting to take their own lives. When you think you’re done and can’t see the end result or the finish line, or anything that should determine that you are finished, it means you’re not. I have had to remind myself of this many times, so me saying “don’t give up” or “you’re not finished” isn’t me saying this because I feel like I should or it’s the right thing to say. It really is from a place of empathy and experience.

This was made for you.

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    1. This comment was right on time. Kimberly…. Thank you so much for reminding me of why I started this thing!! It’s time to make some serious moves and update a few things. Thanks so much!! Much love 🙂


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