Don’t Bail

walking away when things get hard….

that is a reflection of the person who did that, not of you, the person who feels abandoned. with that said i know it seems like i’m talking down about the person who may have done that and.. essentially.. i am. it takes a certain strength to stick things out and really fight for someone in all types of relationships.

its tempting to bail… i tried to do it myself permanently so i’m not really exempt from that. but how much does it say about someone’s character when they see things through to the end? what does that say about you? maybe you’re the person who has to deal with things they can’t control and make your best attempt to live life as normal… maybe you’re the girl who thinking about not only walking away, but running away as fast as you can because your problems are just too much… maybe you’re the guy who feels pressured to be something he’s not and you just wanna be yourself with no judgement…

and maybe you’re like me… a kid battling with anxiety and depression trying to fit in the world yet change it at the same time. what a struggle… a struggle that is MORE than worth it. i feel like if i can survive suicide and overcome my thoughts on a daily basis in order to do what i know i’m led to do… you can too.

luckily for me i got the chance to start over again after trying to bail on life. its looking good so far… better than i ever thought it would.

it gets better loves. i’m living proof. <3

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