Underlying Love

“there’s an underlying love there…” 

wait, what? why is it underlying? how can love, something that should is and should always be grand with all intents and purposes, be underlying? and why would anyone hinder love by shoving it underneath the surface?

i completely understand that some people have a VERY difficult time showing love. i know this from experience. in fact, i seem to attract people that CAN’T STAND or are COMPLETELY uncomfortable with showing love and then, in what feels like utter foolishness, fall for them or forming some type of closeness with them thinking.. mmm.. you know what? not gonna make this personal. lol… anyway the point is not everyone is capable of showing love for whatever reason, but they should learn to be so. everyone should. and once they do they.. we.. should not EVER stuff love under the surface. people need it… we deserve it. it saves lives.

life is a bit more free when we give and receive love openly. maybe it comes with a bit more heartbreak/grief/burden.. i know THAT from experience as well. but its all for growth, which is worth it in the end. no matter what i’ve been through i still have the need and desire to love and be loved.. nothing will ever stop me from that.

love is louder than EVERYTHING. <3

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