Love Yourself

i can’t remember the last time i told myself that i love myself… 

i’m not even sure that sentence makes sense, but yea, i’ve never really took the time to love myself. my entire life i’ve been trying to make other people happy and prove to the world that i’m SO good. i would struggle with believing people when they told me i was good enough as i was/am. in fact, i think i still struggle with that (i haven’t been around anyone enough for them to tell me that, and i haven’t asked).

right now the only person i have to prove that i’m good enough to is myself. and actually, i don’t have to prove it i just have to believe it. i said earlier that i can’t remember the last time i told me i love me… or just said it. now that i think about it i don’t think i ever have until today.


i love me. i’m awesome and i believe that i am good enough as i am. sure i have made some bad choices and mistakes in the past, i’ve owned them, and now it’s time to move on. i am not my past. i am loved. it gets better. as long as i’m alive i can choose to live a positive life. it’s going to be ok, love. <3

i encourage everyone to say that to themselves more often. to not dwell on the negative but look at the good… look at how you can rise above the bad and smile through it. love yourself and it will help you love others more… and the love will come back to you full circle.

love is louder than self doubt…

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