Nothing Will Ever Stop Me

there is a common misconception that people attempt suicide for attention…

but what that implies is that suicide should be glorified… that it’s the “cool thing”.. or that its the only way that someone will be shown any kind of love an support. i have a GIANT problem with that. every threat should be take seriously.

people attempt suicide because they need help… they need a cure, a miracle, SOMETHING that will rid them of the depression that they feel. the only thing that will cure it is love. true, unconditional, ACTIVE love. not walking away from them, treating them as if their feelings are invalid, none of that.

i’ve had people do all of the above to me and while its understandable that co-existing with someone who struggles with suicidal thoughts can be/is a bit difficult (might be an understatement), its not impossible. there is NO GOOD REASON to give up on someone who needs help as much as they do. every person deserves love and attention and if you know someone that struggles with suicidal thoughts, i believe that means you are in their lives to be strong enough to help them overcome the bad feelings.. strong enough to direct them to the place where they can get professional help.

after attempting suicide twice, i now realize that i am here to help others overcome the things i’ve gone through in life. i will always be here for anyone who needs me and NOTHING WILL EVER STOP ME. you can be an unstoppable force and love those who feel unloved. you CAN encourage someone to stay alive. please do so.

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