The Not-So-Little Things

i think it’s way too easy for people to overlook the little things…

calling to check in, a “good morning” text, getting a letter in the mail, smiling at someone you don’t know, having someone remind you how loved you are… i could go on forever.

maybe these things aren’t that little in the grand scheme of things. maybe just one out of all of these things could save someone’s life. maybe doing these things for someone else gave them some kind of strength that they didn’t know they had. i mean think about it. there’s no limit to how far an act of kindness can go.

sure there are times when people should “just know” that you love them, but others really need that reminder, which can be expressed with those little things. i know i do. what can i say… underneath this hard exterior (assuming you would actually be able to see that) i’m actually kind of a big kid. needy? sure. i’ve actually lost a person who was considered my best friend (the feeling was mutual) because i depended on them too much. but last time i checked, after deciding to move on from that loss, there was nothing wrong with that. did i say that?

it’s true, survivors. i believe it’s actually more brave to express your desire to love and be loved rather than keep it in and act like being neglected or cast out doesn’t bother you. honesty, education, and openness can save lives, build significant relationships, and will end stigma. we just have to be brave.. and start by showing love through the “not-so-little” things.

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