Compassion Alert

i came across this blog today:

this blog attempts to challenge people to help others who struggle with suicidal thoughts and keep them alive. here is their statement:

“following this blog is not for you if:

  • You are easily frustrated with people.
  • You think it’s okay to belittle or bully someone about their emotions, calling them selfish, stupid, or anything of that nature, telling them to ‘get over it’, etc.
  • You are going to try and offer advice that you are not authorized to give (giving medical advice, attempting to diagnose people, etc.).
  • You are going to send any type of hate mail or negative comments.
  • You are unstable yourself and should therefore not be dealing with the stress of others.

This blog was not created to be an advice blog. This blog exists so the tumblr community can show love to those in pain, particularly those who are suicidal. It is not a form of treatment or a way to help everyone play the part of a therapist. I cannot control the actions of the followers, who are the ones that respond to these alerts, but some of you have been causing trouble when you respond. If you fit any of the above descriptions, then you may want to re-evaluate your motives for following this blog and possibly consider unfollowing. Thank you.
~ Madden”

so survivors, i challenge you to do the same… use your voice, experience, love, and compassion to try to save someone’s life. the world needs it. there are way too many people hurting right now and your light, your presence, your kind words can really be helpful.

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