Saying, Meaning, & Doing

there’s a huge difference between saying something and meaning it…

people like to throw words out there all the time. maybe they like to hear themselves talk, maybe they were just taught to say those things to make people feel better, or maybe they are actually challenging themselves to actually mean what they say but they just fall short.

i’m aware that people aren’t always gonna follow through with their actions, but come on now. no one has a sign on their heads that says “please throw your empty promises at me.” while words are comforting for the moment, its actions that resonate forever. its why everyone, their mom, and their great grandma quotes “actions speak louder than words,” but we are all prone to allowing words to carry way too much weight.

love is a verb. if someone loves you they WILL show it. by the same token if you love someone you WILL show it. they/you can’t help but to do so because their/your love is SO loud for you/them.. you will be more inclined to believe what they say because of who they are and how they show their love for people. “i love you” implies action. “i will be there for you” implies action(s). “i love you back” the same. don’t just say you love someone… show it. i don’t know if you feel the same, but i feel like the world needs more evidence of loving and caring people in it…

start by loving yourselves, survivors. then pay it forward.

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