Work & Effort #suicideprevention

anything that is worth having requires work & effort to get it and then keep it once you have it.

it applies to almost everything; a good career, relationships, a nice physique, good health… more relevant mental health and stability. all worth having. very much so. but a lot of times humans have a period, sometimes a lifetime, of going through the motions. it is in that period where we kind of accept what is thrown at us, good or bad… the going wherever the wind takes us… the (ALMOST) standing for nothing which require doing the very minimum to even attempt to keep anything ¬†or anyone that we have in our lives.

keep in mind that i know things happen… people leave, and we lose things even when we have tried our best to make sure they stick around. but when we don’t try our best and put in the work & effort, why would anything stick? the effort required to maintain what seems material should be the same, if not more, when talking about what isn’t material. maintaining stability on a mental level requires DAILY, CONSTANT work and effort, regardless of if you struggle with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. and, usually, gets easier as time progresses. on a personal note i can honestly say that helps me significantly. i feel like its necessary for me to stay alive, because if i don’t do that i know my bad thoughts will start again to be louder than the loving thoughts are. i need to apply what i have learned in therapy everyday because i NEED to stay alive. i WANT to. i know that i have a lot i need to do still, and i know that the same applies to people who struggle with suicidal thoughts.

if you or someone you know needs an encouraging word, help, or ANYTHING… please take the effort to ask for it. get help. it will save your life, just as it saved mine.

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