That One Person #suicideprevention #buildeachotherup

i think the majority of the world has that one person who can break them down just as quickly as they can build them up. that one person who can make it all wrong and then make it all right at the same time.  i know i do.

maybe its more than one person. maybe its your parents, a sibling, your best friend, your mate… regardless of who it is, it shows that you value their opinion and put weight on what they say. maybe a little too much. the fact of the matter is that no one should be able to break you down. ever.

it seems easy to say but never easy to do; as valuing someone’s opinion tends to mean that you love and respect that person. but it can sometimes mean that you are lowering yourself in order to do so. i’m not gonna lie, i’ve almost ALWAYS done that. seriously. it’s because in the past i have discovered that when i don’t lower myself to someone else, someone i called a friend at the time, they get really upset and walk away. as someone who cannot stand when people do that i felt that lowering myself was a necessity. boy was i wrong.  looking back on that with a clear mind i now know that no one who truly loved and cared for me would ever even allow me to lower myself in any way. and no one who truly loves and cares for me will walk away from me just because things get difficult.  to be completely honest, no one who is ok with doing that to you or me should never be held to such a high standard. doing so could have tragic results, and not for the other person.

we have to value ourselves, survivors. trust your intuition, follow your heart, and believe your gut feeling. more often than not, you’re right on. if you need a second opinion or help, don’t be too afraid or prideful to ask for it from the right people. people who WANT to be helpful. not people who want to have power over you or people who want to be right. people who have YOUR best interests at heart.

don’t be like the person who can break you down, be someone that builds others up.

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