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It feels good to try and help people who struggle with helping themselves…

but today i realized for my own recovery that i’m probably going to have something to prove for the rest of my life. as does everyone, of course, but as someone who has attempted suicide i have to show others and myself that thats not something i will even think of again. what most don’t know is that riding yourself of suicidal thought, depression, and anxiety is a process. not something that magically happens if you will it to and once you realize the people who put you down were never worth your pain. stuff like that sticks longer than we want it to, but we can turn those negatives into positives with time and work.

it may seem like i’m repeating this, and i am, but we have to drill it into our heads EVERY DAY. have  to. otherwise we can lose the battle with depression and suicide. today i read about a popular Houston DJ who took his own life after a long battle with depression. he was making people feel good and blessing them with his personality and music, all while fighting his own battle. while its noble to be helpful, sometimes the helper needs help. sometimes it gets overwhelming; to the point where we think we just can’t take it anymore. this probably was the case for DJ Primo. my heart goes out to his family in their grieving time…

while i encourage people to ask for help, i have realized recently that some people are afraid to do so. some think they are past the point of no return and believe its too late for them to get help. they couldnt be more misled. i challenge you, survivors. to not only help those in need and encourage others to ask for help and be open to it, but also to be cognizant and help the helpers. trust me when i say that it is needed, whether they… we… admit it or not.

please save a life today.

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  1. Thank you very much I really appreciate that and to be honest thats something i needed to hear right now. You’re awesome! I’ll check out your blog later today after I update 🙂 God bless you as well 🙂

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