The “Unlovable” #suicideprevention #loveandbeloved #savealife

sometimes a three-legged dog with one ear, droopy eyes, and hair that its not groomed is more loved than a human is (SO not saying that this dog is not worth loving).

you ever notice that? ever wonder how and why some people are deemed “unlovable?” I believe it has EVERYTHING to do with the labeler, and NOTHING to do with the person being labeled. don’t get me wrong, i’m more than aware of the fact that people do wrong stuff intentionally, which can cause others to come to the conclusion that they are unlovable. BUT who is the labeler to decide who is lovable and who is not? what makes them superior? who told them that it was ok to make horrible (and more often than not completely inaccurate) judgments about people who deserve love just as much as they do? anyone who can label someone in such a horrible way is a reflect of themselves more than it is anyone else. a reflection of their insecurities…. their negativity… their lack of information on who people are and how they operate.

NO ONE IS UNLOVABLE. NO ONE WILL EVER BE. I even dare  to say that anyone who labels someone as such is completely unaware of how to show genuine love to someone, or just down right unwilling to, which is so horribly sad… 

imagine how many people have taken their own lives because someone planted the “unlovable” seed in their minds, then they ran a seemingly unbearable race with it. now imagine how many lives you can save by loving people in spite of, or maybe even because of their flaws. what a concept…

love saves lives. love prevents self harm. love can and will conquer stigma. love will change negative thoughts into positive ones. the act of loving someone proves that you are not finished doing what you need to do in this life, and part of your purpose, I believe, is loving the “unlovable” in any way you can.

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