Silence ISN’T Golden #suicideprevention

we’re not at the movie┬átheater, so there isn’t a reason to be quiet. you have a voice, so use it.

you ever notice how we are taught at multiple points in life that it is more valuable to keep your mouth closed than it is to speak up for yourself or for any reason? think about it… as a kid we have to use our “inside voices”.. as an adolescent you have to keep secrets to stay in the “in crowd”… as adults we can tend to have inappropriate relationships (boss/employee… romantic… etc) and by inappropriate i actually mean abusive, but if we speak up about it it makes us weak or “tattle tales” or “the law”.. then we have been taught that in society it is best, especially if you are a male, to keep your emotions jam packed inside. that expressing your feelings is a TERRIBLE idea because you appear too needy and too dependent on someone else. that people like myself are supposed to crawl in some hole when they have depression or anxiety or feel suicidal because it makes other people uncomfortable.

WOW, right? i mean how unbelievably selfish is it to tell someone that they can’t express themselves? sure there are times where you are supposed to be quiet, but when you are most in need is definitely not one of those times. at all. ever. in any circumstance.

i was taught as a kid to not trust people with too much, so up until about the age of 20 i was the queen of masking my emotions and using laughter as a defense mechanism so that no one would even ask sincerely how i was doing. what changed is that i saw that there was a sort of freedom in expressing myself in a healthy way… someone i really loved and trusted helped me to realize that i shouldnt feel bad for having feelings. go figure, right? sure they aren’t in my life anymore now (lol) but i carry that lesson with me. always will.

openness heals almost always; in every situation. there’s love in it. seriously. if you need help you have to ask for it. closed mouths don’t get fed. if someone is treating you wrong, speak up! if they love you enough they will work on their behavior and try to figure out how to love you better. don’t settle or stand for anything that you do not deserve… i know i never will again.

there are people in the world who really want to love and care for you just because of who you are, so don’t be too shy… too scared.. too prideful to tell someone how you feel in the best, most respectful way you know how. then trust that things will move forward from there.

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