What If Mental Becomes Physical? #suicideprevention

i actually just realized that there is something that i’ve failed to mention…

i can’t believe i didn’t remember how relevant this is.. i’m sure there have been countless studies done on how depression and anxiety aren’t just mental disorders, they can translate physically as well. we already know that they can lead to self harm and suicide attempts, but what about the overall effects on the health in general? those who internalize their thoughts and feelings by not getting help might be harming themselves in the same way. we may not see it externally (via scars, burns, etc), but its definitely having s0me long term effects. check out the WEBMD explanation of how depression effects mental health here:


not coincidentally follows a link to an article on suicide and depression, which i have posted on the facebook page:


to keep it short and to the point, please get help. if you know someone who is struggling with depression and anxiety please encourage them to get help. point them in the right direction. you can and WILL save a life by doing so.

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