I Met Someone… #suicideprevention #savealife

usually when someone says that its romantic, but in this case i actually think its life changing. me meeting them changed the way YNF will work as well…

so what happened was, they sent me a message on the YNF facebook telling me how they felt.. how they wanted to give up, basically. since then i have been trying to get this person some help & i am happy to say they are still alive.. i’m so happy they are trying to get help and that they trust me to help them do so.

it changed my life because i care even less about my issues as i continue in my recovery… i want to help people like that person on a larger scale. sure i have to focus on the one, but there are so many more people out there who need help and have trouble finding it. because of that, i want to grow YNF into a non-profit, which provides free and/or low-cost therapy for those who don’t have insurance, those who feel¬†embarrassed to talk with their families about getting therapy, those who need easier access to someone who can help no matter where they are in the world.

if you or someone you know can be helpful in making this happen please don’t hesitate to make contact. ¬†there are so many people in need right now and we need to come together to make serious moves to prevent suicide, end stigma, and save lives.

thank you.

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