Black Widows? #suicideprevention #savealife

you ever meet someone who likes to “take a piece of /take something away from everyone they meet?”

some people who do this actually want to learn from others, so they mimic what they believe to be the good parts of others’ personalities. others steal it away and end up sucking the life out of that person/those persons like a black widow because they deceived them into thinking they had their best interests at heart… that they loved them… that they mattered so much to them when really they just wanted to enhance themselves.

in essence, the “victim” in these cases allowed themselves to trust and be vulnerable, then inadvertently gave someone permission to take away what is usually the most important parts of them. what usually follows is the person loses themselves which more often than not can have tragic results. the selfishness that creates broken relationships and broken people can ultimately end someone’s life figuratively and literally. the former in that they lose all aspirations and hopes, the latter in death… to be blunt. this is something that should not ever happen in life, but unfortunately it does.

i truly believe this happens partially because we don’t look out for each other enough. sure we have our own lives  to live and i’ve even said it can be unsafe when it turns into solely living for others. but imagine how much better the world would be if we came together… if we stopped looking at “I” and started looking at “Us”…  and what if we are helping ourselves by helping others? by doing so we can build the character that is needed to live this life which seems crazy difficult at times. we can build bridges instead of burning them… we can forgive others AND ourselves…

and truth is, its kinda hard to get love if you don’t give it… so, please… don’t take life away, give life. make the conscious choice to show love today and every day thereafter. what you get in return is probably better than you imagine it will be, and it will save someone’s life.

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