Have A Nice Life #suicideprevention #wordscanhurt

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more often than not, when someone says “have a nice life” it means something like “good riddance, [expletive]. (i censored myself because you could really add anything to that part)” anyway the first, and MOST DEFINITELY the last, person who said that to me used that after telling me how horrible of a person i was.. scratch that… how horrible they perceived me to be, because i am just one of many amazing people who admittedly make mistakes. who the heck DOESN’T have flaws?

so now that i think about it, why even tell me to have a nice life? and why do so after putting me down the best way you know how to? how am i supposed to “have a nice life” after you say some of the most hurtful stuff i’ve ever heard? is that really not supposed to resonate with me and make me think that your perception of me is accurate… so much so that i want to die? how cowardly is it to try and sugarcoat how you really feel by adding “have a nice life?”  i wholeheartedly believe its a phrase that makes the person who says it look and feel a little bit better for putting someone down first because, hey, at least they wish me well right? what a joke. that phrase is so transparent yet people use it anyway. how condescending.

stuff like this is why people should really think before they say and do things. before they say things that they KNOW will significantly alter someone’s life in a negative way.

SIDENOTE: the person i’m referring to did this to teach me a lesson. i know that they told me in the “have a nice life” message. i did learn several lessons, none of which include the lesson they were actually trying to teach me.

people tend to have way too much power over others than they should. in fact, no human being should have the power to potentially destroy someone like this. but too many people die or change themselves into someone they were never meant to be over what others say and do to them. it INFURIATES me! i see it on Twitter & Tumblr all the time… people wanting to die… people crying out for help or just crying in general due to being bullied, put down, disrespected…

i myself have to fight the urge to be someone i was never meant to be. the urge to shut down & be quiet. to hinder myself from using my voice and expressing myself. all because of instances like this one.

what happened to being adults and talking stuff out? actually… what happened to just being civil? common decency? respect? loyalty? loving one another? are they lost on us now? is it really that hard to show love to someone else?

change is needed (understatement), and there has to be more people in the world willing to stand up for what is right and save lives in the process. there is so much despair, hurt, death in this world… and it is up to us as survivors to put a stop to it.

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  1. It might be coming from a narcissist. Don’t respond, and go No Contact. Hard, but believe me, totally necessary. Take time to love yourself and heal, then move on.

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