Fight Back #suicideprevention #staystrong #bethechange

i wonder how many people feel like they are constantly getting beat up (from a mental standpoint). like someone is always picking on them or putting pressure on them to be something they either do not want to be or are giving their best effort to be, but it is perceived to be not good enough. how many people feel like they need to beat themselves up to be better people, though the truth is… they are valuable as they are.

in my life, i’ve been taught to turn the other cheek when someone figuratively slaps me in the face… and i have to say quite honestly, i feel like that is just making me stronger. a stronger punching bag that people take as a challenge to punch harder until i finally break. let’s face it… there are people out there who are pretty crafty at finding ways to break someone down, i’ve met quite a few.

but all that means is i/we need to increase my/our mental strength. bad things happen for us to learn our greatest lessons… to wise up and see things coming so we can protect ourselves and weed out the good from the bad. to make it so that, at times, we won’t even have to fight because we can evade any punches from the beginning. we can constantly work on ourselves, be open, and experience things we never thought we could have and it will make us better people. not being afraid to show others who we are and how amazing we can be will rub off on others as well because our presence will be so uplifting and powerful.

positivity is contagious, but so is negativity. from what i’ve seen it has been spread too much and too quickly and its time for those who can (hint: everyone can) to choose to fight back. to not just be dormant and allow people to beat up on them… to be the change. we don’t have to settle and accept a¬†mediocre lifestyle, or believe that life isn’t going to offer much for us. that we won’t be loved for who we are or that our time won’t come. don’t believe the lies… fight back. if you need someone to help you fight there are plenty of resources here, family, and friends who are willing to help.

you don’t have to do this alone.

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