Motion Pictures #staystrong #bethechange

yes, i absolutely could have titled this “Movies,” however the current title just sounds sexier to me. *shoulder shrug*..  i digress.

i think we have a tendency to make sure that we are in full control of our own destinies. that we have to always be prepared… put on a poker face to make sure no one see the real us. its all an act. always is. perception is everything so we can’t make it anything less than so.

then comes someone who claims to want to break down the wall we’ve put up, the makeup we’ve put on… they want to know our story; the “real” us. the scars and other things that have been left behind from the things we did not have control over. they begin to chip away at the barrier that we have taken so much (or so little) time to build. first its hard for them because of initial resistance, and then with time its easier.. so much so that we are now cracked open just enough to let a little bit of light shine through.

sounds good right? i mean everyone should be projecting some kind of light (which translates into strength)  in the world they live in. anyway the light is shining brighter and brighter… so much so that the person who thought they had to put a front up now believes it is truly OK to be themselves. aren’t we taught that as kids? to be ourselves? that’s how i remember it anyway… then as we grow older we are pushed to be someone else or in the “in crowd” because by then, apparently, being yourself is just too damn weird. by high school (most times, not always) you get all this book-learnin, but have unlearned how to embrace who you are or who you want to be.

i have digressed again… SO, light shines brighter and brighter… and it gets TOO bright for the person(s) who made you feel like it was OK to be you… so much so they try covering you up or turning you in another direction or even turning the light off completely. to no avail because GENUINE LIGHT CANNOT BE TURNED OFF. i’ll get back to that point in a minute. people can run away to darkness, however, and in this case its what happens with people who decide to uncover a light and do not like what they see.

the immediate consequence usually falls on the light itself… it starts to dim… wondering why they feel like they have to cover up. why it hurts other people so much when they are real. the reaction to someone running away from them because of who they are and because of things they can’t control is to rebuild the wall… higher and stronger this time so its harder for the next person to get in. they keep going through life, however, because it is the light within them that makes it possible for them to. its why i said genuine light cannot be turned off. it keeps people alive. its the very thing that makes them decide to hold on and give the next day a try… and the next day… and the next.

we’re living in a world filled with actors, so much so that feature films seem more real than real life. imagine how changed this world would be if everyone let their lights shine… if everyone was encouraged to be open. if everyone knew that by doing so not only would they set themselves free with the truth but lead others to freedom.

just a thought… as you were.

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