Mental Illness is Costly… #mentalhealth #dontgiveup

the more i tap into my own emotions and the emotions of others, i realize how much time and money you have to spend because of it.

its not just in the aspect of spending time and money to get therapy and/or meds to get help, it also takes away  time and money when the illness is untreated. in fact, it is more detrimental in this way because it can involve loss. for example, one day you stay inside and miss school or work because of  your anxiety… you go on a shopping spree because you think it will help with your depression… you miss an appointment or therapy session because you want to try to overcome the mental obstacle on your own and not be defined by or labeled because of your illness…  i can list more example but all of these are demonstrations of how someone can miss or lose something because of a mental illness they can’t control on their own. its costly…

amazingly people are still able to trivialize and stigmatize mental illnesses as if they are nothing to talk about. as if they are just something that you can just get over. that irritates me so much and its a giant reason why this blog exists… i want to encourage others to tell their stories about struggles with and triumph over mental illness or negative recurring thoughts due to those illnesses in order to enlighten others about just how real this is. if you or someone you know wants to do so on the suicide prevention website just leave a comment here!

we can fight stigma and decrease… even eliminate the cost of mental illness by being open and showing others our strength in spite of the struggle.

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