Cherish #mentalhealth

about a month ago one of my friends told me that i was supposed to write about this…

to be honest, at the time i was a bit out of my mind because i believed i HAD nothing to cherish. while i appreciated her thinking about me, i felt it was unrealistic to even think about cherishing anything because, as i said, i thought i had nothing.

but today i actually thought about it and i realized that i need to stop trying to forget things & suppressing any memories i have that might trigger anxiety or depression. me doing so confirms that i’m scared of feeling something that’s natural and OK to feel at times. it gives people power over me and also robs me of all the good memories of the past because i’m so busy trying to forget the things i have done wrong or the wrong that has been done to me..

when you focus SO much on the negative you tend to forget all the good that you need to hold on to. the good that gives you any real hope not only for the future but to make it through the present day. its not OK to live in the past by any means, but it IS OK to cherish the memories, the good about people from the past, and the lesson(s) that you learned which make you as strong as you are today and can only make you stronger if you let them.

its also OK to be grateful for who and what you have in your life now, knowing that where you are in life is only temporary; to be used as a stepping stone or life lesson to go confidently in the direction of your hopes and dreams.

the great thing about all of it is because you have so much ahead of you, regardless of how you good or bad you feel in the moment currently, you can look back on where you were and cherish the fact that you made it in spite of any obstacles you have faced.

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