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disclaimer: if i sound a bit angry or irritated at the start of this one, it’s because i am. but the feeling will subside as the blog goes on.. i’m sure of it.

there is a HUGE difference between making what people call “educated guesses” and assumptions. the former implies that someone has obtained accurate, unquestionable information that allows them to come to a logical conclusion (which would therefore make it not a guess)… and the latter (to be quite frank) is someone pulling “non-solutions” out of their asses. i’m sure that’s part of the reason why most tend to say “when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me,” because assumptions are almost always false.

assumptions, to me, can be placed in the same categories as stigmas, prejudices,  stereotypes, etc. because for one, as previously stated they are almost always false and for two each involve some type of pride, arrogance, and ignorance on the part of the person making said assumption.

for example, if someone has an idea in their mind about someone who deals with addiction/suicidal thoughts/depression/anxiety/schizophrenia (whatever the mental illness may be), they are likely going to hold fast to that idea and therefore continue making assumptions about it. for one, it’s easier to stick with what you think you know rather than¬†inquiring about the actual facts because for two, those facts threaten the validity of that person’s knowledge which would of course make them uncomfortable.

it seems we live in a world where comfort is more important than truth, which is sad (to say the VERY least) because are hurting and even dying as a result. there are many out there who feel like they can’t come forward about their hang ups and addictions because people are uncomfortable with or incapable of showing love to help people overcome them.

as i have said before in a previous blog, why would anyone be helpful or learn how to be so if they feel they don’t have to? it’s MUCH easier to become part of the problem than it is to become part of the solution and that needs to be changed immediately, because there are people like you and me… there are people that you know who are depending on it. it’s their hope for a better future. so please, if you can help it (which you can) stop making assumptions and find out what real about mental health… and learn to be aware of the warning signs that someone is in trouble.

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