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Please take a moment to read about the Train of Thought movie, directly from the creators themselves:

The film follows a young teen girl who is on the verge of committing suicide. Within the film we explore the motives for her decision and the catalysts that sparks this decision. The main focus of this film, however, is the thought process in which she experiences prior to the climatic moment. This thought process is visually paralleled to the process of a train reaching the final terminal. The movie is resolved when the protagonist realizes that there is much more to life and decides not to jump.

This film revolves around the importance of family and life, but most importantly gives an insight of what goes on through the mind of someone that is suffering. We wanted to make a film that allowed viewers to relate and resolve their problems in a similar way the protagonist of the film did.

The motive for this film arose from a personal experience that the director experienced. From that experience she wanted to help stop youths from committing suicide or even turning to it as a solution.

Our film is currently in pre-production and will start filming in January. We would really like to help aid the prevention of suicide in youths.

The following is a video our team produced to inform you about the film. It was used for a donation campaign to help raise funds for the project.

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Peace and blessings, survivors!

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