They Are Just Words… #mentalhealth #suicideprevention

In advance I’d like to apologize for the language that might come out in this blog. Nothing I say is intended to hurt others, just to raise awareness about what is (or isn’t) happening when it comes to mental health.

Actually no, they are NOT JUST WORDS.

I mean seriously. I’m actually confused… The recent events going on in America alone and people’s reactions to them has me wondering where the unity is, if it even exists. Where the heck is the compassion?

Yes, people have opinions and beliefs about things and YES those opinions and beliefs are going to differ from time to time (or more often than not), but damn what happened to respect?? Not being hurtful to people? Acknowledging how someone feels? Doing so and then not undervaluing or diminishing those feelings?!? Are those all lost concepts?

I KNOW I’m not the only human in the world who gives a shit about how other humans feel. I KNOW I’m not the only human who is careful to use their words in or to promote and give life/positivity, not destroy and kill and remorseful when I don’t use uplifting words.

In the last 3 or 4 days ALONE I have seen more disrespect than I have seen my 27 years of existence. Ok, maybe that minute in the grander scale of things, but it makes me so angry to see people verbally attacking others for what they believe in. If what someone believes in is wrong, educate them don’t torment them! If someone’s opinion is different, respect them don’t bully them! I feel like this is just common and moral sense! Then again I guess common sense really ISN’T that common and neither is morality these days.

What prompted this latest expression of outrage? Well, a Facebook status (not mine, and I’m sure others in addition to the one I can currently see, paraphrased) reads “If you believe [fill in the blank], unfriend me, unfollow me, and right now also kill yourself.” It took everything I had in me to not lose my mind right then and there. Why is this so easy for people to say?!!?!

I wish people understood that he power of the tongue is greater than any in this world. It can start wars, kill people, lead people to kill themselves, cause people to spiral downward… the words that people say, ESPECIALLY if they are negative can shape someone’s entire life. I’m not saying that people should walk on eggshells or that others should hang on people’s words because I truly believe that people have what they need to survive right inside of them. But please, survivors, initiate change in the world by extending some kindness and compassion. My goodness! And please lead others to do the same.

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