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DISCLAIMER: I’m not sure that I’m in my right mind at the moment but this is OK because I’m certain that I need to be honest in every situation, not just when I’m having a good day mentally. Translation: Mentally, this is not a good day.

As a verb, (to) run-around means “to behave in a fickle or promiscuous manner.” As a noun, (the) run-around “deceitful or evasive treatment of a person.” Amazing that such a simple phrase with such a lighthearted connotation is defined so directly and negatively. Society as a whole really misses the importance of not doing this to people, ESPECIALLY when it comes to mental illness and overall health. It’s another action that gets swept under the rug, which allows people to get away with not being accountable for their actions… or they are going to act, they are going to do the bare minimum.

I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I live in a world full of people who just don’t want to help others. It’s amazing how we haven’t placed importance on how to be truthful and active in the health care industry. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been dismissed because of who I am and what mental disorders I have because they aren’t considered to be as urgent or I’m thought to be seeking attention, and I KNOW this is happening/has happened to others.

People who are patient enough to get to know me know that I get upset when people are deceptive and beat around the bush, withhold truths, or just blatantly lie. Really upset. So upset that it tends to cause an anxiety attack or a depressive episode because I don’t properly express myself anymore, and I don’t do so because I trained myself not to. I decided that since people walk away when I express myself I’m just going to not. Seriously. It only happens on this blog or you have to be VERY close to me to have me even think about doing it (by the way, I’m aware that this behavior is unacceptable and I’m working on ways to change it. Work in progress).

I say that to illustrate the point of this whole thing; I believe that not helping others tends to make them a danger to themselves. I mean sure there are people who are resigned to themselves, completely self-sufficient, and actually don’t want help. But it makes me wonder how long one can truly live life with no one to help them.

It’s the reason why I want You’re Not Finished to be more than just a blog, but a community. It’s why, at the moment, I’m actually quite sick of hearing my own thoughts about mental health. I know people can use their experiences not just to air them out there and be heard for themselves, but to help others as well. If you’re brave enough to do use your voice for a good cause, by all means send me an email at and I’ll post it all with the other survivor stories that are helpful and encouraging to others. Anonymous submissions are welcome… because being truthful can free the self and others, regardless of if you add your name to the cause.

Be brave, survivors, and stay strong.

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