Versatile Blogger Award

So I’ve kinda been in a little bit of a funk; with the inability to write since the last post. It wasn’t that long ago, I just like to stay current. Anyway, because of that I was a little unsure if what I have been doing with YNF makes much of a difference. That question was answered today because I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Even if this only effects a few people in the grander scheme of things, it means a lot. Huge thanks to Fanteema from The Sweet Network for her nomination! Check out her blog at

Here are my nominees; a more blogs I follow that I think are awesome and provide a different look and mental/physical health and awareness: “What Happens Now?” “The SWEET Network” “Tavia’s Beadiful Life” “Of Muddy Paws on the Concrete Road” “Project Light To Life” “Come Unglued” “Help To Hope” “Crayon Wrangler” “Juliet Dewal” “You Can NOT Be Replaced” “Project Attempters”

7 things about myself:

1) I’m currently obsessed with cranberry juice. It just tastes so good!
2) Decided to give up candy/sweets for the next 2.5 months.
3) I love relaxing and spending time with my family more than going out in social situations, which is weird for a 27 year old. Then again, social anxiety will do that to you.
4) I make jokes more when I’m uncomfortable. I’m like the female version of Chandler (from Friends).
5) I’m still kind of a tomboy, but I secretly enjoy dressing up for special occasions. Especially weddings.
6) I’m currently doing an internship which has almost completely changed my life.
7) I’m releasing a video this weekend, so stay tuned!!

If you guys want to nominate anyone or are just looking for more good content to read go to

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