What Is This All For? #mentalhealth #MHBlog

In one of my previous posts, I addressed how it seems that the majority of mental health advocates/organizations love addressing the struggles of mental health. I’m not sure if it is because they want to be known or want people to understand what it is they really struggle with, or they want to relate to as many people as possible (either genuinely or not so).

Either way, who can really fault them (or maybe I should say us, since the former reason is why I initially started this blog)? Everyone has a voice, and if they are going to use it with the hopes of helping people understand mental illness and mood disorders I am all for it.

But somehow education and the awareness of stigma have become secondary to making entertaining and buzz worthy blogs.

I get offended when people capitalize on real human need. Extremely offended. Or when others in position of power take someone’s raw emotion, which is intended for breakthrough, and use it for their own personal gain.

If power is made perfect in vulnerability and someone in position of power knows that, I’m gonna guess that it will take a stand-up ethical man or woman to NOT exploit that for their own profit. This should be a common ideal, but of course it isn’t, and this makes me realize that THIS is why people don’t ask for help.

I believe with everything I have that there are many people who can see right through someone who could not care less for them, but will settle for that false love and hope until it runs dry or loses its effect. Then what? Do people run to the next thing that will make them feel better temporarily? Some don’t. Some start to get tired of things always being temporary. And the restlessness and dissatisfaction of a temporary life can have a permanent ending that no man or woman, boy or girl ever deserves.

Advocacy can have more of an impact if we start to go after people and see them for who they are, not for what they can contribute. That is when real change comes and stigma ends.

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