It’s OK To Be Different #MentalHealth #standout

Tonight I find myself thinking about all the things that make me weird, according to people who are OBVIOUSLY experts at what it means to be amazing (hopefully you can smell the sarcasm).

Since I’m learning to be more organized I will list all of the UNGODLY things I should be concerned about:

1) I JUST started watching How I Met Your Mother, and on top of it I have no intention of watching the previous 8 seasons to catch up on why the last episode was funny.
2) I really don’t like fried chicken.
3) When I hear, “You should write a book!” I’m like, “No, I shouldn’t.” Why? Because I believe that what I write when it comes to mental health should be FREE. People call it a service, I call it love. Some people should get paid for their duties, most should not.
4) I’m open about everything when people think I should not be so open. Whatever.
5) I’m an African American who writes about suicide prevention and mental health, and “WE” don’t do that (again, according to the awesome experts).
6) 86% of everyone I have met thinks I look like Whoopi Goldberg, when in fact I DO NOT look like her. Then again if the majority of people say something it MUST be true.
7) I can’t dance.
8) I still struggle with anxiety and depression (although significantly less. Full recovery is near ;)).

That’s just 8 of a bunch of things that people find unattractive about me and to that I say… no person was meant to be the same. Sure we can all coexist but that is not the same as being identical and identifying with the majority.

I’ve said this before, but I think it’s funny how as kids we were taught to be uniquely awesome and because of that possibilities are limitless… yet as adolescents and adults we are excluded if we don’t fit the norm.

We are put in a box if we openly struggle even a little bit with mental health. Cast out and swept under the rug because we don’t make society look good. What doesn’t look good is living in a nation that tends to not have compassion for those who struggle. In a nation where people think that mental illness is a show… entertaining.

The only way this will come to and end is if we all come against this in the greatest way possible. By being open and honest. Sharing our stories so others relate and feel free to do so.

By being different and standing out.

So, what’s different about you? If it’s positive, embrace it. Enhance it. Show it off and wear it well.

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