The Cycle, Part 86531 #MHblog #mentalhealth #depression

I have grown to believe that the series of events that come along side a depressive episode are QUITE ridiculous.

Here’s what happens:

1) Depression.
2) I am encouraged to be open about said depression or to go do something fun/get over it, depending on who I’m talking to.
3) Person on other side of my episode gets freak/irritated and cuts me off until depression subsides.
4) Isolation.
5) People ask why I’m isolating, when I should be open about how I feel.
6) I get a look on my face (that looks something like -_-) and mention how I have tried that and people shut down when I am honest.
7) I am convinced that the different person who tells me not to isolate will listen.
8) See #2, continue on, and then repeat until episode is over.. then start from the beginning when another episode begins.

I can’t be the only person has gone through a number of interpersonal relationships which are not even close to actually being real. You know, the friendships/relationships that lack give and take and being ridiculed for isolating by the very people who caused me to do it or taught me that that is something I should learn to do.

What I mean is, I can be honest all I want but if no one is receptive to it or they respond with silence and/or quick fix answers why WOULDN’T myself or anyone else isolate?

This is why TRUE COMMUNITY needs to exist and why people need to learn how NOT to respond to depression and suicide… it’s why I created this thing. So myself and others and YOU can be honest without feeling limited on what you can say… and if you need to grieve about something, then you can. It’s how breakthrough occurs and freedom is experienced.

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