What Is This All For? The Reprise #mentalhealth #MHblog #suicideprevention

I’m sure that if you are on Twitter you have seen posts like:

-RT if you are feeling unloved
-RT if you self harm
-RT if you are lonely
-RT if you want to be accepted as you are
-RT if you have been bullied
-RT if you are suicidal

and the like.

What I want to know is, what happens AFTER someone retweets and/or shares the fact that they feel one or all of the above?! Does a team of mental health professionals/advocates jump at the chance to comfort all of these people, or are people just creating a wider community of suffering? Are people who create these tweets looking to draw people to themselves or to draw them away from mental illness and mood disorders? Are they creating a following or are they developing a movement for social AND personal change?

Maybe its just my weird way of thinking, but I LOVE results. In my mind I’m thinking that all these mental health professionals and advocates could be using their own personal testimonies to serve as proof that if you are lonely, suicidal, feeling unloved, and suffering that things WILL change for the better BECAUSE they changed for them. Is it a difficult process? It may be depending on the journey… but is it impossible? NEVER. How do I know that? Because I didn’t die, even though I wanted to. I felt all of those things and I am still here feeling more loved and freer than I have ever felt in my life. I know people who felt and still feel those things, and they are still breathing with the hope and knowledge that they are here to love and be loved by whatever means necessary.

I just get tired of people using negativity to draw people into them. When they focus on the negative it ENHANCES the negative, but thankfully the opposite is true also. It’s amazing how being a positive light can shift anyone’s mindset. Without fail. Not just TALKING about positive light, but being that in order to draw people away from darkness.

It takes being deliberate… actively changing life and mind. It takes work, but the work can be completed. I can’t wait for all people who claim to believe in redemption and transformation to get that, because it will change the world.

Stay strong and don’t give up, survivors. I’m not finished, and neither are you.

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