Dear Younger Me Campaign #mentalhealth #encouragement

For those who don’t follow on Twitter or have access to the Facebook updates, I had the privilege of being part of an amazing campaign which serves to help mentor young girls. Check out the letter I wrote to a younger version of myself, which I hope encourages others on their life journeys.

Dear Younger Me,

At first I was going to warn you about what is to come, and then I realized I would only be hurting you by doing that. It would cause you to be fearful, closed-off, maybe even sheltered and I know that you are not, along with anyone else for that matter, called to live in fear. The truth is, all of the hard times in life enhance perseverance, confidence, and character… and those things are things that, unfortunately, are and may continue to be rare qualities in the world. However, those things are what will cause you, eventually, to be a light in a world filled with darkness.

One thing I will say is to make sure you stay connected with people who encourage and edify you; people who cause you to want to be better. People who won’t even think about tearing you down, but if for some reason they do the encouragement and edification you get from God, your true friends, and loved ones will cause you to be so strong that the words of other boys and girls have little to no affect on you. If those words do affect you, know that it is OK to express how you feel. In spite of what you might have learned before, crying equals healing and your feelings are valid.

Know that people walking out on you or giving up on you is a reflection of them, and not of you. Not to say that they are bad people; maybe that is just how they learned to cope. That doesn’t make it hurt any less, but it is a reminder that YOU REMAIN. You are still alive and that means you have a shot at better days ahead; to follow your dreams… to sing, to laugh, to love. You were born to do that, and you continuing to do so will not only solidify your purpose, but help others see theirs.

You are loved, little one. Always have been, always will be. Look up for strength, courage, wisdom, and comfort.

Love always,


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