Long time, no content… until now! I’m excited to get YNF going again by starting a podcast, which is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. New episodes will be available every week. Click the links below to subscribe and listen on your preferred digital platform!

**Transcripts available for the hearing-impaired on Buzzsprout. Check out the first episode written below!

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Brittany gives a brief introduction of You’re Not Finished & what to expect. 

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany and I am someone else who is starting a podcast! I know there is a lot of content out there to listen to but I’m really excited to share my experience and perspective on things in order to help whoever ends up listening to this. Most of what I share is going to be about mental health including tips for better health, helpful coping mechanisms, what I’ve learned about it from school and other external resources, but what I’ve learned through therapy about my own struggle with major depression and anxiety disorder. I’m gonna get all the way real about this stuff because not only is it important to be able to share for my own personal freedom but as I said before, its about helping others to have that freedom too especially since, for whatever reason, there still seems to be stigma surrounding mental health that prevents people from getting well.

So a little bit about me, I’m the creator of You’re Not Finished, which is (for now) an online resource for mental health and suicide prevention, blogs, and testimonies from people who have been living with mental illnesses (specifically depression and anxiety) and have survived suicide attempts. You can check all of that out at The reason the content I have created and will create has the name You’re Not Finished is to hopefully encourage people who feel like they might be at the end of their rope or are feeling hopeless, without purpose, and considering harming themselves even up to the point of attempting to take their own lives. When you think you’re done and can’t see the end result or the finish line, or anything that should determine that you are finished, it means you’re not. I have had to remind myself of this many times so me saying don’t give up or you’re not finished isn’t me saying this because I feel like I should or it’s the right thing to say. It really is from a place of empathy and experience.    

Just to give some back story, I created this website in February 2012, a few months after my own suicide attempt because at the time, I wasn’t able to find a community or a safe space specifically for people who had attempted suicide and survived… so I had it in mind to create it. Things were going well for the first couple of years as far as keeping the website updated, remaining engaged on social media, and going to events and stuff but then I kind of just stopped without warning. At the time YNF just became too overwhelming to manage on my own and I was neglecting my own mental health, so my depression began to worsen over time. Because this is the first episode I will definitely go more into detail about the things that got in the way of me continuing YNF later on but I want to just give the layout of the podcast so you know what you’re getting into.

For one, the goal is to keep these episodes short, about 15 minutes or less. I want to keep everyone engaged plus I kind of like getting to the point as quickly as possible in general. For two, because mental illness doesn’t discriminate, I won’t either. There are issues surrounding mental health that speak to me as a Christian woman of color, but I know full well I need to make YNF helpful for every single person that needs it. There are going to be a variety of topics covered and they will consider or include people of all cultures and beliefs. I’m even open to having any guest on the podcast who is safe, respectful, and willing to be authentic and honest for the purpose of helping others. I’ll be updating the website with written versions of this podcast for the hearing impaired, mental health and suicide prevention resources, and testimonies as I get them, but I’m just really happy to have the chance to get You’re Not Finished going in a new way and share more with you guys. Next week I’ll be talking about why YNF went MIA for 7 years and the importance of self-care. Thanks again for listening, bye!   

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