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#KillYourVices Challenge

I’ve been thinking about self-improvement a lot lately; just like the majority of the rest of the world has I’d imagine.

But there is wanting to be a better person and there’s actually taking the steps to become the person you’d like to be or you were purposed to be. Combining desire with action, along with having the support system in place for encouragement and accountability on a consistent basis really is the only way to better habits, kill your vices, and become a better person. Additionally, for Christians, that means ridding ourselves of everything that hinders our connection to God, prevents us from walking in our purpose, and reduces our ability to love others as we are commanded to do so (Mark 12:31).

Sure, there are or can be environmental and systemic limitations that prevent us from living as freely as we’d like to, but I believe there is nothing that can stop us from exhibiting the self-control and self-love needed to take care of our hearts, minds, and bodies by setting healthy boundaries, surrounding yourself with wise and safe people who are actively bettering themselves and loving others well, and (for those who believe) submitting to God with the realization that submission is for our good and not for the purpose of being controlled or restricted. With fewer distractions and habits that are self-harming or cause harm to others comes freedom.

That being said, I’m inviting anyone who reads this to join me for the #KillYourVices challenge starting September 1st!

By the grace of God and through practical tools and advice given through therapy, I’ve been able to remain sober (alcohol) for 9 years, celibate for 11 years, pornography free for 5 months, and have been working through and continue to heal from spiritual abuse/trauma, sexual abuse/trauma, and generational/familial trauma. Additionally, with each day I grow in the ability to resist harmful coping mechanisms and ways of thinking that keep me in bondage or cause me to self-sabotage.

But since I’m still not finished here, that means there is still work to do, hence the challenge. As inspired by Biblical principles such as 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 (for myself and those who believe or are interested in the Christian faith), mental health research, and the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, the #KillYourVices challenge will be 30 days of doing the work needed to discontinue coping with vices and bad habits that only add to any issues we may be running away from.

It could be something as simple as nail-biting or as complicated as quitting smoking or drinking. I’ve resolved for the next 30 days to not eat fast food or order from Grub-Hub (since I am definitely a comfort eater) and hit the gym or work out after work. These goals will help me develop better eating and spending habits in the long run as well as tackle the issue of my physical health/weight.

I’ll be using the “30 Days to Better Habits” guide as a tool to keep track of my progress, and journaling as well. If you’d like to join me, comment and follow the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter in order to encourage others and receive encouragement! If enough people join, I’ll start a Twitter community so people can connect easily.

Things to remember:
1) The #KillYourVices challenge starts on September 1st!
2) Don’t forget to enter the quarterly giveaway (if you haven’t already).
3) If you need additional help or resources, click here.
4) It’s not about how you start, but how you finish. You can change the course of your life, but it starts with you! So finish well.

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