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Obligatory New Years’ Blog Post

I have to be honest… I’ve been struggling with writer’s block lately.

Additionally, since my cousin’s death I have been on autopilot so in the midst of 9-5 craziness, YNF behind-the-scenes prep, Christmas & New Years, serving at church, & being with family, I’ve had to wait until now to sit down & write.

While YNF is supposed to be a place for hope. help, resources, & encouragement, I won’t ever force myself to be encouraging when it’s tough to. I’m sure people might be looking for inspiration for the New Year, and maybe by the end of this there will be some, but I just have to keep it real with you:

  • I don’t have any resolutions.
  • I didn’t make a vision board.
  • My goals have become a “one day at a time” to-do list.
  • I’m more than OK with taking things slowly.
  • I don’t care how most people feel about my progress (or lack thereof in some cases).

As a woman in my late 30s in 2023, you would think I’d be moving with some sense of urgency & to some degree, I am. But I’m no longer making moves from a place of fear, shame, or a need for acceptance. Purpose is the foundation for the sense of urgency I feel. I’m motivated; no longer grasping at things out of desperation. Actually celebrating wins (no matter how small) & learning lessons with the losses.

For me, 2023 needs to actually be a “happy” new year; one in which I choose peace in every opportunity I get a chance to. Peace during the day could mean reaching out to a friend I haven’t talked to in a while, pacing myself at work, listening to a song on repeat, going on a drive, not having a conversation I don’t need to have, saying “no,” praying, or journaling.

Doing one or all of those things with little to no consideration about how others will perceive my choices because I trust that they are good choices. But a peaceful “me” isn’t just good for me, it’s great for those around me as well.

This is starting to sound like a resolution the more I write, so in the spirit of the new year tradition I’ll sum it up:

For 2023 (and hopefully the rest of my life) I will be purposeful with the time gifted to me by choosing peace at all times.

It’s vague enough to where I don’t feel pressure to execute this perfectly or shame when I make a mistake, but succinct enough to make an impact on my quality of life. There’s grace in it. I like it.

Hoping you do, too.
Choose peace today & always, friends.
Be intentional daily on your journey & in everything you do, finish well.

If you need additional resources for mental health, addiction, and suicide prevention, head over to the “get help” section.

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