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What is the Point of Therapy?

According to Mental Health America, “Talking with a therapist or counselor can help you deal with thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals, past experiences and other areas that can promote your recovery.” Additionally, they provide a list of things therapy can help with, such as:

  • feeling stronger in the face of challenges
  • changing behaviors that hold you back
  • looking at ways of thinking that affect how you feel
  • healing pains from the past
  • building relationship skills
  • figuring out your goals
  • strengthening your self-confidence
  • coping with symptoms
  • handling strong emotions like fear, grief or anger
  • enhancing your problem solving skills

I can confidently say from experience that a GOOD therapist, one who forsakes bias & doesn’t lean toward people pleasing, will absolutely give you the tools needed to enhance your quality of life when it comes to mental health.

Regardless of the reason for seeking therapy, a therapist should be challenging you. There should be growth.

A good friend of mine said it perfectly; “It’s more comfortable not to do therapy because it requires you to address yourself (paraphrased).” She affirmed that the deliberate decision to not see a therapist when it is apparent that that counseling is needed is a decision based in fear; likely of accountability or the possibility of their thoughts/mindsets being challenged.

Again, a GOOD therapist will challenge you. The above list, if you consider it with a sober mind, is a list of challenges.

Therapy is not to be a paid gossip session where you are always right or for affirming harmful coping mechanisms, toxic thoughts, & bad behaviors. I understand why sticking with a professional who does allows that is so tempting. Essentially, a person of authority with initials at the end of their name is telling you there is no need for change while putting a stamp of approval on thoughts or actions that are likely harmful to others & yourself.

If it ever gets to this point, it’s definitely time to find a new therapist. & they probably should lose their license.

Despite that, I encourage therapy & the fight to pursue an excellent therapist consistently because of how much it has helped me over the years. According to about 75% of people who use talk therapy experience some benefit. That is an incredibly vague statistic, but some benefit is better than none at all. Progress is progress.

That same article has some great insight on different types of therapy & their benefits, so I recommend you check it out. If you need help seeking a therapist, the “Get Help” section of this site also has a link to a directory for finding therapists in your area.

I understand that because of the ever-growing mental health crisis, mental health resources, including therapy/counseling is extremely hard to come by. Therapy can be expensive, some professionals (if not most) reject insurance, & there may not be enough counselors in your area that can be of service.

This is exactly why I do giveaways through my Instagram every quarter. The products I give away are not replacements for therapy by any means, but they are tools that can help tremendously as you continue your journey towards better mental health. In a world full of hardships, personal & professional trials, & unrest in certain areas, we need to do all we can to keep our minds as healthy and as strong as possible.

You’re Not Finished is here to help with that.

If you need additional resources for mental health, addiction, and suicide prevention, head over to the “get help” section.

If you want to share your story or journey or experience of overcoming mental distress or as someone with a diagnosed mental health or mood disorder you’re OK with that being shared publicly on the YNF website, shoot me an email at or, or contact me through the site.

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