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NEW: YNF Devotional for Mental Health!

Printed copies of the YNF devotional for mental health & suicide prevention are available for pre-order TODAY! “You’re Not Finished: Using Stories of Survival to Save Lives” will be released on June 6th!¬†

That date was chosen to honor my grandmother & aunt, two women who played a huge role in my upbringing & unfortunately passed away on June 6, 2000, & June 6, 2018, respectively. Crazy, huh?

Typically that is a difficult day for me, but I believe God allowed the creation of this devotional to redeem it for myself & benefit anyone else who reads it. 

About the devo:

  • It’s a short read, but impactful – an 8-day, 50-page devotional may seem like a quick read, BUT you will always be able to go back to it for reminders & new revelations. 
  • No weird interpretations – not only did I study well & have the help of the Holy Spirit, but I actually submitted it to wise counsel in order to make sure the scripture interpretations are correct. I’m not above being taught or corrected, & I wanted to make sure this was presented in an honorable & responsible way. 
  • Large print version – This was an accident (lol), but those who have already read it informed me they appreciated the large print. Makes it an easier read, for sure. 
  • Only $8 – I wanted to make it fair & affordable; money shouldn’t be a hindrance to healing.
  • There’s an eBook version¬†– If you prefer eBooks, you can download the PDF on Gumroad and/or send it to your Kindle reader.¬†Pay what you want, even $0!

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