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A Friendly Reminder to Slow Down…

Before life forces you to slow down.

Last week my thoughts were racing at a pace I’ve never experienced before.
My stress levels were higher than they’ve ever been before.

Last Tuesday afternoon, while trying to power through lack of sleep, stress, depression, & anxiety, I felt pressure in my head, almost blacked out, & life was on pause for about 10 minutes.

It wasn’t just to a point where I had to slow down, I had to stop. Clock out. Turn everything off.
I was speaking at a slower rate. Even walking at a slower pace. & my only thought was fear.

After calling my mom & taking a nap I began to reflect on what could have caused my body to react this way:
– stressful work conditions (despite working from home)
– depression
– anxiety
– grief
– isolation/loneliness
– terrible health habits
– sleep apnea (apparently?)

7 is usually a number that represents perfection, but unfortunately in this case, these 7 unchecked factors are contributing to my downfall.

Things that have helped me recover in the last week & a half are:
– reading tasks slowly out loud & re-reading to make sure I understand
– focusing on one task at a time
– being ok with not getting everything done if there isn’t enough time
– not working overtime
– not putting pressure on myself
– taking 5 minute screen breaks
– getting a neck massager & using before bed
– prayer
– asking for help
– talking to my therapist
– writing out a positive thought to focus on every day (trying this for 30 days)

I also plan to go on vacation from work for a bit, something I’ve never done before.

I realize now that it’s time for many things to change, & I look forward to working on that. May my not-so-friendly reminder help you to understand the importance of pacing yourself – of taking care of yourself & allowing yourself to heal before you try being something or someone to others.

If you need additional resources for mental health, addiction, and suicide prevention, head over to the “get help” section.If you want to share your experience or tell your story or journey as someone with a diagnosed mental health or mood disorder in order to connect with & encourage others, & you’re OK with that being shared on the YNF website, shoot an email to or contact me through the site.

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