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The time has come for me to tell my story. This is my story. I hope you read it all. Okay where to start. When I was in kindergarden that is when I started to get bullied. I remember me on a swing a girl came and told me to get off the swing i said no. She then grabbed me by the hair and dragged me away from the swing. She went back to the swing and while she swang back and forth i ran to a corner and cried. From then on people thought it was easy to pick on me so they did. I came to the united states and thought things would be different but they werent. I was an outsider someone who didnt belong. So thats how they treated me.

I didnt know how to speak English so the other kids found it easy to blame me for things and i couldnt defend myself because i had no idea what they were saying. After first grade my little brothers were born. My mom got depressed and couldnt take care of my little brothers so much so I became like a second mother to them. I was 8 and i already had to take care of two twin children. My dad worked two jobs to try to provide for us so we barely got to see him. My little brothers gave me strengh to do better. So i worked hard to learn English and to get good grades. Second and third grade passed by and i had friends i guess you could say that. But where we lived there was alot of bad people.

One day I hit rock bottom. I couldnt take it anymore. I couldnt pretend anymore. So one night i was holding a knive ready to die. I was crying so much. I was breathing hard trying to gain the courage to just end everything. But then just when i was about to do it. My little brother comes from behind me i think he was 6 or 7. He saw me crying he then brushed a tear from my cheek and told me “I love you” When he said that something within me happened. You can call it in emphany i guess. I realized that i couldnt leave him. Thats why i call him my angel because he safed me. He doesnt know he did. But he did. He looked up to me and i was just going to end my life. I realized right then how selfish i was being. I was just thinking of my pain on how i thought life was treating me. But i never stopped to think how the people around me would feel if i were to be gone. When I finally stopped and thought about others i realized that people do care. If I were to be gone my mom with be devasted. My dad he has diabetes he would not be able to handle me gone.

Then thats when everything changed for me. After that day I tried hard on my studies but i didnt let it take over my life. I stopped listening to what others say or thought about me because i really didnt care anymore. I have gone through so much and i had fallen alot but i always got back up because no matter how bad life may seem it does get better. Take me for instance life gave me so many reasons to give up along time ago but i kept on rising back up.

Now i am a high school graduated i graduated in the top 3% of my class. Got accepted to 10 colleges and got over 650,000 dollars in scholarships. I am majoring in psychology. And yes i still have my weak moments but that does not mean I wont keep rising back up. Three words that kept me going that i would say to myself was “Dream,Smile,Live”. Now you guys might think you know what i have been through but trust me this is nothing its only like 1 fourth of my life. But I hope yall take what my experinces and realize that you can get through it. Well I guess that is it. If you read it all i thank you:)


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